And be relaxed!

"Bien dans sa peau" is the good feeling that every garment in the fall winter - And - collection 2023-2024 will leave in the wearer's daily life.

The woman and man And travel to conquer daily comfort without giving up on putting elegance in their hand luggage.

Re-inventing oneself while remaining true to oneself and refining that relaxed, whispered, discreet attitude: a combination of classic glamour, oversized sophistication and a touch of sportiness.

The And style of fall-winter communicates without making noise and can be imagined as a shirt that is a little wide and wrinkled but just as chic when paired with a coulisse pant and a velvet slipper.

The And be relaxed! collection chooses quality fabrics, timeless lines and an expressive register that is sober and dynamic but with a trendy and international je ne sais quoi.
Seemingly easy, deliberately high quality, absolutely and.

And be relaxed! for her
You can find her on a call as well as in the park: the And woman is dynamic, she knows what she wants, what she has and what she wants to achieve, she wears faux leather with masculine fit shirts and stores a Chanel-cut jacket with lurex thread in the wardrobe next to another with an over fit with a trapeze line.

She is a woman who wears impeccable and comfortable clothing, flaunts natural make-up that emphasises her intrinsic beauty and creates outfits that radiate an aura of nonchalance.

She possesses the art of being effortlessly sophisticated.

And be relaxed! for him
From the office to the padel club, the man And casually embodies the relaxed fit of the season's proposals.

The brand's usual elegance takes on a new look, an innovative mix of garments giving him an irresistible masculine appeal.

He is often seen in plain shirts or with unexpected patterns such as geometric flowers and micro-patterns which he combines with jackets or jumpers with an unmistakable cut.
His look is modern, sophisticated and casual at the same time, he is a man who has the awareness of not having to overdo it to create outfits that stand out.