The AND Camicie brand was launched in 1993 by Paolo Pistellato after a long experience as a Partner for the shirt shop of large international groups, with the aim of distributing through specialized stores, shirts designed and produced with Italian taste and style. In the same year the first single-brand store opened in Treviso characterized by medium size, easy to manage, with fast product rotation and excellent profitability: this is still the ideal format of And shirts stores.


And camicie is present in Italy with over 100 points of sale, one of which is directly managed. The formulas of the affiliation, without entrance fee and / or exit and without royalties, provide the following facilities and services:

• support in the search for the ideal location;
• design of the layout of the store and furniture;
• assistance in the feasibility study (cost analysis / income statement);
• staff training on product and sales techniques;
• support in determining the correct assortment of goods to be offered;
• free use of the trademark according to company policy.

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