Contemporary Season: the two dimensions of time according to and

It is said that spring and summer are a state of mind, that the light of April and the sun of July make emotions more intense and difficult to forget.
And does not miss the opportunity to participate in the construction of an imaginary made of sensations and memories, light and color, with a style that celebrates modernity and nostalgia at the same time. 
In this temporal dimension, Weather and Time overlap, blend
Every yarn, every color, every basting of this season is destined to caress the skin directly.
This is why Contemporary Season offers soft silhouettes, refined workmanship and precious inserts while preserving gracefulness and good taste. 
Even the choice of fabrics follows a time that is one between Weather and Time: denim is among the protagonists of the collection, adapting to the climatic uncertainties and those of the undetermined mood of a spring morning. 
This is why this iconic fabric is reinterpreted in a chic key, through washes that enhance its most delicate nuances, making them stretch out to the May sky. 
The yarns become lighter and more sophisticated and sustainable, the fibers of eucalyptus wood and those of bamboo with their distinctive qualities interpret fresh, modern and breathable garments, whose charm does not diminish with the passage of time, but lends itself to being preserved and relived. 
Contemporary Season
Contemporary Season For Her
This season's and tone immediately emerges in a color palette that ranges from neutral nuances such as white, cream and ecru to brighter tones such as fuchsia or green. 
This selection features soft and refined sweaters capable of celebrating that classic and timeless style that is the distinctive element of every and. 
The shirts, the focus of the brand, are soft, unstructured, wide like a hug, and marry woven fabrics like The trousers, carrot, flare and palazzo, and the pencil skirts celebrate an evident but never shouted femininity. 
The jersey jackets, the brand's evergreen, are enriched with precious details inherited from a lived-in fashion, such as golden heraldic buttons, to create a mix of classic elegance and marked modernity. 
The women's collection is then enriched with shirts with a sartorial accent and precious details. 
Six different women for six sartorial designs: 
AUDREY is the slim-fit shirt, made of stretch cotton poplin, collar and cuffs with crystal white rhinestones, jewel button. 
JANE has an oversized fit, is made of stretch cotton poplin, rhinestones on the front cristalwhite, jewel button. 
MARILYN wears an American neckline on the shirt, it is made of stretch cotton poplin, flower applied to brooch, jewel button. 
GRACE is the shirt with an oversized fit
Contemporary Season For Him 
The men's collection rides the Italian style made of light sweaters, knitted t-shirts, polo shirts in 100% cotton gauze, relaxed fit chinos. 
Garments designed for the contemporary man who does not give up elegance and comfort, declined in a color palette that ranges between the delicate nuances of nature without forgetting accents of blue and green. 
Each Contemporary Season product represents a reinterpretation of a classic with a precise combination of Shirts, vests and drawstring trousers combine the concepts of time and leisure and overlap the outdoor style with the indoor one, connecting the feeling of being well dressed to that of well-being that contemporary man no longer wants to do without.