The white shirt...a MUST HAVE.

Where do you go if you don't have a white shirt ?It is known to all, women and men without distinction, that the wardrobe should never miss the so-called "basic garments", perfect for any occasion: garments beyond the time and the trends of the moment, which will never go out of fashion.

Among these, the lady “Camicia”, certainly wins the primacy, because you know, there are very few versatile garments like her, in spring even more appreciated as fresh, comfortable, easy and perfect for every outfit. Do you want to know what to wear at the beginning of this season? In a self-respecting wardrobe should never miss the white shirt! 

It is the most elegant and versatile garment in the world, perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to every look and able to solve many situations: to wear with jeans and sneakers, trousers with a more elegant cut, for men combined with chinos or bermudas, in short, for every style and occasion.